Poulan PRO BVM200

This versatile handheld blower is perfect for residential lawn maintenance, and is powered by a reliable 25cc 2-cycle gas engine. This model features a 10:1 mulch ratio with the optional vacuum kit, 200 mph air speed, and a 2 year limited warranty.

Engine type: 
25cc 2-Cycle Gas
Air flow in pipe: 
430 cfm
Air speed: 
200 mph
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Cylinder displacement 25 cc
Starter SureFire
Engine type 25cc 2-Cycle Gas

Article data

Air flow in pipe 430 cfm
Air speed 200 mph
Mulch ratio 10:1

Vibration & noise data

Sound level 69 dB(A)

Overall dimensions

Weight incl. packaging 14.6 lbs


Homeowner Warranty 2 Year Limited Warranty
Part NumberDescription
Poulan Pro BVM200VS 3 5 215 215
Poorly Engineered Tool Purchased 1 year ago and used primarily as a blower which was satisfactory except for very difficult to restart when warm and the engine smokes and stalls if tipped to the left . This fall began to use as leaf vacuum with following results: Lower vacuum tube deformed (bent inward.) Bag strap soon broke and bag with only partial zipper is difficult to empty, not to mention that interior fabric holds debris like velcro. November 12, 2014
worked great ONLY 1 YEAR !! THEN DEAD Only good reviews are allowed so I'll write that it was great ....for the year it ran, looks brand new on the shelf, box and all. (that's how new it is) November 10, 2014
Multiple design issues There are multiple design issues with this blower/vacuum. The first issue is that it is hard to start. The second issue is that if the cap for the fuel tank in not tightened as absolutely tightly as possible fuel will leak from the opening if the device is held in any position except with the fuel cap pointing upward. The third, and to me the most major, issue is the vacuum design and usability. The quality of the strap and the bag are sub-standard. The strap broke within the first 30 seconds of use and the bag tore within 5 minutes of use. The lower vacuum tube does not fit securely into the upper vacuum tube and kept falling out. I had to duct tape it to keep it together. Emptying the bag is very difficult because the zipper opening is too small to allow the collected leaves to fall out of the bag. You literally have to dig the leaves out of the bag. And lastly, because of the manner in which the elbow tube comes out of the body the unit is very difficult to handle when vacuuming. Using this product for leaf collection was extremely frustrating and not worth the effort or price. I would not recommend this product. November 9, 2014
BVM200 I picked up a Leaf Blower at Lowes, took it home, loaded it with a new mix using new gas and it would not start. I know the instructions said to continue pulling until it starts, but I need my rotator cuff. I returned it, got another and filled it with the same mix. It finally started. It started again tonight and put it to work. It ran fine and blows great. The problem is the hole for the screw that holds the handle together had a piece of plastic flash that wanted to dig into my hand. I fixed that, but there is still the issue of the screw hole, right there on the inside of my thumb. I put some tape around it and it will probably be ok. Here's a suggestion. What if the guys that design this stuff went to Lowe's, picked one up and used it for a weekend. October 27, 2014
You may get 20 hours of operation. I have gone through two of these blowers over the past two years. The product works well but will quickly deteriorate. The first blower lasted just over a year (Sept 2012 - Oct 2013). The second blower lasted just one year Oct 2013 to Oct 2014. After operating for several months with no issues, the first blower one day simply would not start. I cleaned the carburetor, cleaned the air filter, replaced the spark plug and the blower just wouldn't start. The engine was getting fuel (damp plug# and the engine was generating spark. I gave up on trying to get the unit to run. The exact same thing happened with the second blower. I used it on Sunday and it simply wouldn't start on Tuesday. This time I did a more thorough investigation. Again, the combustion chamber was getting fuel, the air filter was clean, the stator was generating spark but the engine simply would not start. I then started tearing the engine down and found a fair amount of fuel in the base of the engine and very fine metallic debris which lead me to believe the cylinder was not properly sealed into the head. Using a compression tester in the spark plug hole, I discovered that the engine had very low compression #32 psi#. A visual inspection through the intake side of the cylinder head revealed that the piston ring appeared to be wearing away and there was evidence of scoring on the piston skirt. Many people talk about the alcohol enriched fuels being a problem with two stroke engines. There is a nearby fuel station that sells 89 octane fuel specifically for lawn equipment #no alcohols). I use this fuel in all my two and four stroke engines. For the blower I was meticulous with using fresh fuel and correct oil mix ratios. I therefore doubt that these two engines stopped working due to "bad fuel". I am done with Poulan 25 cc engine products. They simply do no not last. October 25, 2014
Bag Redesign Needed I have had this blower/vac for 3 years now and it starts perfectly every time (if you follow the directions). It has great power, so that helps get the job done quicker. The one item I would change (and require for the next one I buy), is that the zipper needs to extend across the entire bottom of the bag. The zipper ends 3 to 4 inches from one of the sides and is a pain to empty. It creates almost a funnel effect and requires you to reach your hand in the bag every time you need to empty. After 3 years of use, I need to replace the vacuum blade flywheel. It is made of plastic (it is durable) but it does wear out. I am hoping it is not too expensive!! I would purchase this again if they changed the bag design. October 21, 2014
Trouble Starting Out of the box started & worked great. After about 1 hour of use put in garage for several weeks before trying again. Would not start, noted fuel was not showing in the primer bulb. Have since replaced fuel filter, primer bulb, checked fuel lines, now only get a small amount of fuel in the primer bulb & some fuel being returned to the fuel tank, still won't start. Then I cleaned carb, passages, screen etc, same results. I suspect a carb kit would fix. If you desire to publish this review feel free to delete any or all of the following. Since a carb kit retail cost is approx 1/3 cost of a blower it is not feasible for me to take the chance. Could you furnish me with a kit? I am well qualified to perform this work since I have decades of experience with internal combustion engines from locomotives, automobiles down to small 2 cycle engines. October 6, 2014
Not reliable Purchased end of July..Worked great for 8 times. Then after 30 day return policy passed equip started loosing power..Tried calling Poulan Pro manufacturer. Everytime tried to talk to operator goes back to main menu. Looked in owners manual for cause. Fouled plug listed. Removed check gap and not foulded..Air filter clean.. Guess they manufacture for a throw away model. Going to shop for replacement but won't be a Poulan Pro or any other related to Poulan. Wouldn't recommend. .. September 16, 2014
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