Poulan Pro BVM200VS

This versatile handheld blower/vac is perfect for residential lawn maintenance, and is powered by a reliable 25cc 2-cycle gas engine. This model features a 10:1 mulch ratio, 200 mph air speed, and vacuum mode for multipurpose usage.

Engine type: 
25cc 2-Cycle Gas
Air flow in pipe: 
430 cfm
Air speed: 
200 mph
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Cylinder displacement 25 cc
Engine type 25cc 2-Cycle Gas

Article data

Air flow in pipe 430 cfm
Air speed 200 mph
Mulch ratio 10:1
Vacuum Yes

Vibration & noise data

Sound level 69 dB(A)

Overall dimensions

Weight incl. packaging 14.6 lbs
Part NumberDescription
952711923BVM200VS Gas Blower
966454201BVM200VS Gas Blower
Poulan Pro BVM200VS 3 5 203 203
Piece of JUNK! Avoid at all costs! I purchased mine about 2 years ago and had issues with it starting right away. I took at back to Lowes and exchanged it, but even with the new worked better, we still continue to have issues getting it started and having it be able to stay running when blowing at full strength. Some times it works fine, but the majority of the time it is a large paper weight! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT! July 13, 2014
bvm200vs They do a good job have ; used them for years. They last me about one and half years. Better then most have lots of trees around my house so I use it every day. This time I will be using the new synthetic fuel see if it lasts longer . July 13, 2014
Best blower I've had The most powerful handheld blower I've used. I've been in the landscaping business for over 10 years....this is comparable to a back pack blower, without the fuss of strapping it on!! Definitely would recommend to anyone who does landscaping maintenance. July 11, 2014
Not happy We bought this leaf blower about a week ago,,,my husband finally got it started the other day but didn't use it. Today when we needed to use it, we went by the directions to start it and it would not start. He tried and tried until it wore him out. We will probably take this back without ever being used. July 3, 2014
6 Months Do not buy this product. I admit part of the fault is mine, I left gas in the blower over the winter, but have decided that since it is a maintenance issue, it would cost more to have it repaired than to buy a new one. I wore a hole out if my hand trying to start it. June 11, 2014
hand held blower BVM200VS.....poor I purchased this blower in the spring of 2013 and from the beginning it would not crank hot. Now around 16 months into it it will not run at all. I use this weekly for short periods of time year round so bad fuel is not an issue. I also only use premium fuel in my equipment. It will only run now with the choke on and does not turn up enough to do anything. Very disappointed. I'm getting ready to contact Poulan about my issues and I'll update accordingly. June 9, 2014
Save your self! I ordered this product on line that was the first mistake. Then when I got it it ran for about 30 seconds and never ran again. Unfortunate I read the reviews after I got the leaf blower. I was a bench Technician for Black and Deck at their national repair center in Connecticut when Black and Decker had all of their line up and did not label Dewalt yet. I also was a small engine mechanic working on mostly 2 strokes. So when I tell you don't waist your time on this product believe me! May 31, 2014
Warranty? I bought my blower in Jul 2013 and used it weekly before winter set in. No problem except, like others have said, it would not start after it warmed up. It started fine when it was cold, but not when it was warm. Over the winter I used it a few times to blow the salt and crud off my driveway on nice days and it worked fine. In early March, 2014, I tried to use it, but it wouldn't start. After several days of trying, I took it to a local repair shop. They tried for several days, and even replaced the spark plug, but couldn't get it started either and gave it back to me. I then went online looking for solutions and found it was under warranty for 2 years and it was only 8 months old! I also found that the repair shop that couldn't get it started was actually an authorized Poulon Pro warranty repair shop! I took it back to them and asked them to fix it under warranty. That was mid-March. Two months later, in mid-May, I went back to find out what was taking so long. They showed me the piston and said the "single" piston ring was stuck in the ring groove and it wouldn't start because there was no compression. According to them, the ring was stuck in the groove because I had either used the wrong oil or that I had used stale gas. I used the correct oil but I admit I do NOT know how to tell if gas is stale stale?? I buy gas for my 2-cycle products 1 gallon at a time and use it until it's gone. My only other 2-cycle product is a chain saw that I use far less than the blower and it still starts and runs fine after 9 years. Regardless, they said it was a fuel issue so it wasn't covered under warranty. They then offered to sell me a "decent" leaf blower -- a different brand -- for over $250. I think I'll stick with the electric blower I purchased during the 2 months they had my Poulon Pro. It appears the reviews concerning starting issues are accurate, but it cost me $100 to learn this lesson because I didn't read them. May 19, 2014
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