Poulan Pro BVM200VS

This versatile handheld blower/vac is perfect for residential lawn maintenance, and is powered by a reliable 25cc 2-cycle gas engine. This model features a 10:1 mulch ratio, 200 mph air speed, and vacuum mode for multipurpose usage.

Engine type: 
25cc 2-Cycle Gas
Air flow in pipe: 
430 cfm
Air speed: 
200 mph
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Cylinder displacement 25 cc
Engine type 25cc 2-Cycle Gas

Article data

Air flow in pipe 430 cfm
Air speed 200 mph
Mulch ratio 10:1
Vacuum Yes

Vibration & noise data

Sound level 69 dB(A)

Overall dimensions

Weight incl. packaging 14.6 lbs


Part NumberDescription
952711923BVM200VS Gas Blower
966454201BVM200VS Gas Blower


Poulan Pro BVM200VS 3.1 5 190 190
Absolute junk!!!! Ok, I purchased my first blower 3 years ago and it started fine for about 2 mos. Then the starting trouble started. Once it was warmed up if you shut it off and then tried to restart it wouldn't. Then it just got harder to start every time. To the point that I pulled it so much the pull start broke. So, stupid me, I went out and bought the same model thinking I just got a bad one or I was doing something wrong. I made sure I kept everything clean, mixed the gas properly and just overall took very good care of it. Guess what? The same thing with this one!!! Now it's spring time and I need to go buy another blower!!! I WILL NOT EVER BUY ANOTHER POULAN PRODUCT!!!!!!! April 8, 2014
Has not worked since I bought it. It's in the shop to be fixed. The primer buld does not pump gas unless the machine is on its side and full of gas. still waitng to use it. February 11, 2014
poulan pro blower bvm200fe I purchased this blower on Nov. 10, 2013. It did well for about 2 times using. This product starts well after it sits on the shelf for awhile. It starts good at first then after running for 10mins or longer it must sit for 30mins to 1hr before it will start again. I have a 2 yr old polan blower similar model. After rebuilding the carberator and replacing the desolve fuel lines. It is more reliable than the new one. I have figured out that they both do well if the gas tank is only 1/3 full. A full tank and it will not start. Also the new MUST be primed before it will start even after use. You have a problem with the fuel system and carb. I January 30, 2014
Time saving machine I was hesitant to buy when i read a lot of poor reviews, but after talking to Lowes employee was convinced the bad reviews were operator shortcomings. Use only 93 octane from one of the big 4 gas companies, synthetic oil, and patience. The blower works like a dream, and the mulcher saves me a ton of time bagging or burning the leaves. Mulched leaves are great for adding organic material to garden, and blueberry bushes. January 10, 2014
For BVM200FE-Different Model # Purchased in Spring of 2013 and used approx. 10-12 times until Dec. of 2013 when it refused to start. Just used the day before and it worked great. Service center said it is a scored cylinder but I think it is a lack of spark (changed Plug). Anyway, not a very reliable piece of equipment, lasting less than 9 months. January 4, 2014
Poulan pro blower Piece of junk. Have purchased two of these and both worked well for about 6 months and then both refused to run. Tried to replace gas filter as suggested but gas tube disintegrates. Fool me twice but not a third time! December 29, 2013
Love the variable speed trigger Overall I love the product. It starts easily and warms up quickly. The trigger operated variable speed is great when you are cleaning out your garage or around fragile plants. It is very simple to "gear down" the volume. I have owned several brands of gas powered blowers and to date have found the Poulan to be very user friendly. The only issue I have encountered is that the starter rope does not recoil properly. After the unit starts the rope hangs out for some time til the rope will recoil totally into the body. December 21, 2013
this product is easy to use and is very efficent aseimbly was simple and quick, it is a quick a starter.I would recomend this product to any one for use in a none industrial enviroment. December 16, 2013
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