Poulan Pro PPBP30

This backpack blower is well-suited for commercial or residential use, and its ergonomic design provides for addtional user comfort. The PPBP30 tube air speed reaches up to 180 mph and air volume of 485 cfm. Throttle control is maintained on the tube for added convenience.

Engine type: 
30cc 2-Cycle Gas
Air flow in pipe: 
485 cfm
Air speed: 
180 mph
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Cylinder displacement 30 cc
Engine type 30cc 2-Cycle Gas

Article data

Air flow in pipe 485 cfm
Air speed 180 mph

Overall dimensions

Weight incl. packaging 19 lbs
Part NumberDescription
952711971BP30 Gas Backpack Blower
Poulan Pro PPBP30 2.4 5 33 33
Loose Carb Screws This is a product that worked well out of the box. Most of what the reviews you have read here are true except the few that said the product works well. Very hard to start, I found that using starter fluid made it much easier to start although it is not recommended to use starter fluild and after you get it started you had to keep the the choke on full or half for ten minutes or so. Using the throttle when you first start would stall the engine, so you start this blower on full throttle and leave it there until it's warmed up, you know 10 minutes or so. I have a 1/2 acre property with a house, driveway, patio, so I'm clearing about a 1/4 acre, I do have a mature Maple and two Oak trees and I use the blower about 4 times a season for about 1.5 hours each use. I bought this unit in October of 2012. At the beginning of the 2013 season I found that I had to run the unit with the choke on full all the time, I checked for a problem and found the carborator was loose, there were 3 or 4 screws that were loose and they were very difficult to tighten but I did thighten them and that resolved the problem and it acutally ran very well last year. Well here we are in 2014 and it was used for the first time yesterday and it started with, starter fluid, but after starting it would not run without half choked. Checked carb again and it was loose and missing a screw and possibly two. I see where there are three screws holding carb to engine, the diagram of thee engine states four screws, in any event I tightened the two remaining screws that are there and the engine started. I called customer service and they were trying to be helpful but really they were not, wanted to sell me two screws for $9.00 but I think they were the wrong screws and I didn't buy. Representative sent me a diagram of engine not very helpful. I have a Poulan chainsaw, gas trimmer, and this blower, all are hard to start. This is my last Poulan product, they don't stand behind their product, poor customer service, poorly made. October 30, 2014
Investigation is needed. I learned a valuable lession today. Before buying any product, investigate into the product. I wish that I had read these reviews before I purchased the PPBP30. I have the exact same problems. Broken Isolator mounts (first one broke on the third use) Hard to start (Minimum of ten pulls of the starter rope, and has to remain at least 1/2 choke for 10 minutes. If these problems were fixed (as stated by one reviewer) the question is why are so many people having the same problems, with no help? The reason I bought this PPBP30, was that I had been "Lucky" and never had a problem with any other Poulan Product that I own. I contacted customer "no service" as requested before I wrote this review, but no help coming. They refered me to a service center, I called them and was told that they did not work on hand held machines. What gives? BTW, it was customer service that sent me "over the top". June 16, 2014
PPBP/30 blower I received a Poulan PRO chainsaw for a gift and love it.I use it a lot . While shopping at Lowes I noticed a Poulan pro blower on clearance still in the box, so I sent the money to try this item. It sat in my garage for a year and I finally put it to use. On this item , the strap clips bent several times and the recoil assist broke after less that half a dozen times. Luckily I got this for a good price. It sat in the garage for the rest of the season . I am now writing the company to see if they will take care of the broken part . Depending on how they handle this I would spend the extra money to buy a Stihl. I liked the design and I thought it was priced ok . I have had good luck with their other products. January 1, 2014
I Should Have Read the Reviews First My 2nd season of use. Bought in 2012. First season - the padding on the backpack fell off, but not a big deal. Next the connectors for the straps broke, but able to call Customer support and order new ones. 2nd season - lost the cover over the air filter and when I went on-line to order a new one, it wasn't available and when I called Customer Support, they found out the same thing...on a product just a year old? So I searched the leaf piles and found it, but it wouldn't fit back on without a little sanding down of the plastic so the screw could catch and be tightened. Finally, after my 3rd week or so of use this 2nd season, it started losing power and hard to start. When I took it off yesterday, the back of my shirt was soaked in 2-cycle fuel...so a fuel leak and then when I attempted to start it again, it was frozen up so tight I couldn't pull the cord hard enough. When it worked, I loved it. Anybody sell a packback electric corded unit?. This one is trash. November 21, 2013
no good - junk My backpack blower is just 1 year old and I have had to replace it already! The piston froze up and I was told that I didn't use the right amount of oil in the gas mixture. I used the same gas can, which had the oil mixed in, for the blower and my chain saws. The chain saws are still running. I had to pay $30 for your factory service rep to tell me they wouldn't do any thing for me so I just wrote it off as a BAD PRODUCT and have it sitting on my shelf to remind me to buy no more Poulan products. November 12, 2013
Don't buy it We bought this blower for residential use. Not a big yard, two maple trees. Lightly used a couple times each fall. Since the first year we bought it, it has always been hard to start. Slow to "warm up". Hard to maintain full throttle. Always had to play with the choke to keep it going properly. The rubber mounts that attach the unit to the back pack broke twice, Of course they were not covered by the warranty and we had to purchase them at the cost of about $20 for 3 little pieces of rubber. This year the blower won't start at all. Had it looked at and replaced the fuel line. Replaced the spark plug. Cleaned the carburetor and was informed that the carburetor would need replaced, at a cost of $120 for the parts alone. Manufacturer warranty expired, but unit has only a few hours each season on it. After reading other reviews and seeing that people that have owned the unit for a few years all have the same problem I feel this is a faulty, not well made, waste of money, would not buy it product. Manufacturer should recall product and replace or repair for people that have bought this in good faith. I feel a product should last longer than a few hours of use each season. Definitely would not buy this brand or Husqvarna brand ever again. November 10, 2013
Do not buy this product Unit was purchased in October 2011 and used for two seasons -- blowing leaves for a single family house in 2011 and 2012. Maybe 25-30 hours of total use. Proper fuel/oil mixture was always maintained and fuel was run out at the end of each season. Went to use the blower in late summer to clear some debris off the driveway. It started as usual but stalled after 5 minutes and could not be restarted. Finally took it to an authorized Poulan Service center for evaluation and repair. Was told that it needed a new fuel line -- no big deal. Then after the fuel line repair was told that it needed rings and piston at a repair cost approaching the original purchase. Inquired as to the warranty coverage since it was still within the 2 year "warranty" period. Was told that the Poulan warranty does not cover any of the gas related components, also doesn't cover any of the wear/maintenance parts. Between those two categories, I'm not sure what's left. I confirmed the lack of real warranty coverage with the Poulan Customer Support center. I will not purchase another Poulan product and regret purchasing this one. While not expensive, I didn't expect it to be a disposable purchase. BTW, Poulan Pro is one of the Husqvarna brands so I would use caution regarding the Husqvarna brand products. The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. October 30, 2013
Same problems as everybody else Broken engine mounts, deteriorated fuel line, several minutes to warm up before going full throttle, broken harness buckles, difficulty starting (never less than the six pulls the on-machine instructions recommend on full choke). October 28, 2013
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