Poulan Pro PP3816AV

The PP3816AV is powered by a 38cc 2-Cycle gas engine and is equipped with a 16" steel bar. Other beneficial features of the PP3816AV include an Anti-Vibe handle and Overmolded rear handle to lessen operator fatigue, automatic chain oiler, super clean air filtration system, and the Effortless Pull starting system. A carrying case is included with this fully-assembled model, and the saw is backed by a 2-year warranty.

Cylinder displacement: 
38 cc
Weight (excl. cutting equipment): 
11.8 lbs
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Engine specification

Cylinder displacement 38 cc


Oil pump type Automatic

Cutting equipment

Bar length 16 "

Overall dimensions

Weight (excl. cutting equipment) 11.8 lbs


Part NumberDescription
952802030PP3816AV Chain Saw


Poulan Pro PP3816AV 3.1 5 14 14
good saw good saw only problem i have had with it the chain oiler went out after only about six months of use . February 10, 2014
This product is poorly made I purchased the saw after borrowing my neighbors and being pleased with the performance and price. I have had my saw under two years and it will no longer work. I am disappointed with the quality with many parts and designs of this model. Soon after my purchase problems began to occur. The gas cap would tighten and became impossible to remove with out tools. The bar and chain oil did not provide enough lubrication which dulled my chain much faster. A few weeks ago I was going to use the saw, but when I was filling the fuel tank gas began to leak from the underside. What penny-pinching engineering genius designed these fuel tanks!!! Not only did it leak, but on further inspection inside the tank I noticed many small pieces of plastic. I went back to my neighbors to borrow his chain saw but after many tries we could not even get his started. August 28, 2013
excellent value for money This saw has performed well comparable to similar competirtor's machines. It has always started easily and has been easy to maintain, lots of power for the bar length. However, you have to buy the special Poulan tool to adjust the idle and high speed jets. January 19, 2013
replaced a johnsred 520 I replaced a johnsred 520 with this poulan because it wore out after 25 years. This saw will work well for trimming and light wood cutting. It is not as heavy as saw as I am used to but for what I need a saw for it is great so far. December 17, 2012
14" chain saw I bought a new14" saw it is very good, my other 14" saw gave up, the new saw is as good as my old one, as I am 82 years old it is a little tough starting, a couple of years ago I bought a Mantis tiller it came with a FASTSTART and it is very easy to start, I only wish my saw would start as easy. Gordon September 14, 2012
great to work with This is an excellent saw to work with. It is easy starting, well balanced and and has great safety features. I feel that i have a very good tool in my hands when i start to work with it. Bring on those trees thar need cutting! August 13, 2012
Can't tolerate gasohol Poulan Pro PP3516AVX 35cc chainsaw. It worked great, a year ago when I bought it. But the next time I needed it, it was leaking gas and would barely start. After about five minutes of cutting limbs, it died and wouldn't start again. I checked the gas and it was almost empty. Then I noticed that a piece of the fuel line was floating in the gas tank! WHY -- in a day and age where it is impossible to buy fuel without alcohol -- is anyone still selling anything that CAN'T TOLERATE GASOHOL? I was so disgusted that I decided it was time to finally buy that Stihl I always wanted. So I'm about to plunk down $400 for a shiny new saw, and I pop the big question: "Will this saw biodegrade in the presence of fuel like my last one did?" Answer: YES -- THEY ALL DO. So instead of a new saw, I bought $5 worth of ALCOHOL RESISTANT FUEL LINE to fix my Poulan. Why Poulan thought it wasn't worth $5 to solve this problem is a question WE ALL NEED TO ASK THEM. So three hours later, my Poulan "Pro" chain saw (with all of 30 minutes of actual usage on it!) was working again. Why, you may ask, did I buy a cheap saw in the first place, if I really wanted Stihl? Well, the answer to that is that the only reason I needed a new saw was because my idiot neighbor ruined the sprocket on my 30-YEAR-OLD POULAN by not adjusting the chain. Turns out, you can't buy a sprocket for a 30 year old Poulan. So I figured, if I have to buy a new saw, and even a cheap Poulan saw is good for 30 years, why spend twice the money? But here's the mystery -- gasohol hadn't even been invented 30 years ago, and yet my old saw started right up, even with year-old gasohol in the tank! Can someone please explain why had those fuel lines that were never expected to encounter alcohol had nevertheless never rotted in 30 years? What are they making fuel lines out of these days, SUGAR CUBES? August 11, 2012
Pro 260 leaking fuel and dose not start Bought the chain saw in 2005, I used it the first year to cut down a couple of medium size trees and the saw performed well. I kept the gas out of the saw every time it sat for a long time. I occasionally used it for the next three yeas, after a storm, when I had to clean up the fallen branches. It started having issues in 2009, it would start for the first time, and run for a few minutes and when I let off the gas it would shut off. I can not get it. Started after it shuts off. I researched the web, and followed all instructions, replaces all fuel lines, which was not that difficult, after watching a YouTube video on how to do it. Replaced spark plug, fuel filter, and air filter. After all that was replaced, I put new gas mixture in it, and tried to start it, but before doing so, I noticed gas leaking from the bottom of the tank. After investigating the tank, I was surprised of the design, the gas tank is molded together in the center, like melting plastic together. That is really a design flaw. If I would have known this, I would have never bought the saw. Poulan used to be a great name, and they stood behind their product, but not now. I would never buy another poulan product. I spent around $300.00 for this saw, and I should have spent it on a sthil. My neighbor has a sthil m250, which is older than my saw, and it runs every time. 1 pull, and it starts right up. Gas tank is metal, and there is not priming bubble. Great design, I am headed to thei dealer tomorrow and will spend the extra money to pick one up. Stop wasting your money on repairing your poulan, just trash it, and you will be ahead of the game. May 17, 2012
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