Poulan Pro PR621

Gross Torque: 
9 lb-ft
Cylinder displacement: 
208 cc
Blower type: 
Working width: 
21 inch
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Gross Torque 9 lb-ft
Cylinder displacement 208 cc


Blower type Single-stage
Working width 21 inch
Impeller Diameter 12 inch

Product Features

Single Hand Interlock Yes


Tire size (front) 7 x 2 "
Part NumberDescription
9618200039 Gross Torque LCT, 21", Single Stage Snow Thrower
Poulan Pro PR621 2.7 5 17 17
Muffler fell off Last winter I used it about 2 hours. This winter about 8 hours of use and then, the muffler weld broke and it fell off. Come on, really a muffler of all things breaks. About $80 for a new one. The engine has plenty of power. On handling I think its balanced weight tilts to much forward causing heavy dragging. March 13, 2014
Quality is horrible I purchased two of these machines this winter for my business because of the power for a single stage. We get wet heavy snow here and I figured these things could handle it better than other single stages. The first time we tried to take them out the pull cord would not retract on one of them. We always start our machines and let them run before we leave the shop. Back in the shop that one went. When we used the other one and hit a small ice chunk the discharge chute broke apart. Using the other one for parts we got that fixed. Took the one in to get repaired that had the broken string and a week later we had it back. Our service technicians here are great! A month and several snow falls later, both machines won't push light snow into the discharge chute. They pile the snow in front of the auger making it hard to push. Also, both machines have loose cables that control the auger causing them not to stop. I had high hopes for these machines because of the power the engine has. Unfortunately, the rest of the design is so poor they have not lived up to my expectations. February 10, 2014
Poulan Pro PR621 I have had this snow blower for a couple of months, and it has worked far better then I expected. It is durable, easy to use and has moved a ton of snow. This product works great and starts on the first pull every time. This is the first Poulan product I have ever owned, and I am very pleased! February 5, 2014
worst investment I bought this pr621 snow blower, what a waste of money, on the first use the muffler blew apart at the end, wasn't even welded right,, and try to find parts was a job in it's self, then the belt kept slipping and had to go get a better belt, so after all this I had to go find a muffler that would work and had to trim plastic so I could get it in, for spending $319.00 at Menards ,and now have had to put $100.00 into parts I will never buy another Poulan product again. Oh then the cable kept freezing and would not let the auger blades stop turning. February 5, 2014
hardest thing I have ever tried to start. I purchased this 2 winters ago. I have used it maybe a grand total of 4 times. Each time it was impossible to start. It took at least 10 pulls to get it started. This winter I have not had to use it until today. I put in fresh gas and oil. After 20 minutes in 5 degree weather, I have up and shoveled my sidewalks in less than 15 min. This is the biggest waste of money I have ever spent and being on a fixed income it was hard enough to purchase. Can't wait to "junk it" and by a more reliable brand next year. February 5, 2014
Very poor design, quality The second time I used this machine a small chunk of ice shattered the discharge chute. After about 8 - 10 hours of use the rubber auger needed replacement. While replacing the blade I found that the gas cap does not seal completely so that when the machine is tipped backwards, the gas runs out of the filler. There are no adjustable or replaceable skids so when the housing wears down, you will have to replace the entire unit. I found the directional stability to be poor and the engine very loud when under load. I have owned four prior snow blowers and this is by far the worst unit in terms of performance and durability. Pay a few dollers more and get a a better product! February 1, 2014
I give it a rating of 10. I ended up with the last floor model of this unit. Already assembled, but it doesn't look like it would be all that hard to do. Read the directions before using it. I didn't, and found out the hard way, the proper way to start the unit with relative ease. I was trying to start it with the blades engaged. It started, but took quite a few pulls and a lot of muscle. If you start it with the blades disengaged, it's a whole lot easier, and for me it started on the first pull after learning the right way to do it. Typical guy thing, not reading the instructions first. Does fine till you hit packed snow. If the snow is fresh, runs through it with ease. Packed snow is another story. This is the first snowblower I've ever owned or used, so I don't know if this is normal or not. I'm betting it is. The snow packed down at the end of my driveway was the bugger, but ten inches of fresh snow was a breeze. Unit performed quite well. I have a question though. Do any of these things have a height adjustment. A friend has a gravel driveway, and I wondered if there was a model that could be adjusted to avoid the pebbles, but to remove the snow say at a two inch height. This would leave the pebbles, but would remove the majority of the snow. Probably a dumb question, but I'd still like to know... January 6, 2014
Nice looking, that's about it Used 4 times, broke. When it ran, it did a decent job for the size of blower it is. It even started on the first pull! On the 4th use (less than 2 weeks old) the muffler broke off at the weld, it in turn hit the plastic piece between the carb and main engine causing gas to flow out. Their "authorized service center" is a joke in my town. They are rude if you didn't buy from them and are always backlogged. I'd put the new parts on myself if they would send them to me, but they wont. Now I have to sit and wait for the center to have an opening while I look at 8" of new snow on the ground. January 5, 2014
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