Poulan Pro PR8P27ES

Gross Torque: 
8 lb-ft
Cylinder displacement: 
205 cc
Blower type: 
Working width: 
27 inch
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PR627ES PR12530


Gross Torque 8 lb-ft
Cylinder displacement 205 cc


Blower type Two-stage
Working width 27 inch
Intake height 23 inch
Auger diameter 30.48 cm / 12 "
Impeller Diameter 12 inch

Product Features

Electric start Yes
Power steering Yes
Handle type Loop
Headlight Flood
Remote Chute Rotation Yes
Remote Deflector Yes
Single Hand Interlock Yes
Spare Shear Pins 2 pcs


Tire size (front) 16 x 5 "


Homeowner Warranty 2 years
Part NumberDescription
9619200468 Gross Torque B & S, 27", Two Stage Snow Thrower
Poulan Pro PR8P27ES 3.3 5 7 7
This snowblower is a beast! I bought this snowblower in mid winter after the 40 yr old died. I decided that winter was almost over and I would "just shovel" because winter was almost over. I looked at some other used machines but couldn't see paying what they wanted. I looked the Poulan and did some research and decided to buy this one. We got two storms back to back and by the time I got out to blow the snow there was almost 20 " to move. The machine bogged down a couple of times, but I let it clear itself and kept going even thru the windrow from the plow! March 10, 2014
2- 1/2 days old Bought at Manards only big chain store's that had snow blowers was looking for a little smaller unit but since thier was only a couple to choose from and several units were mising parts and not able to use till manards recieved parts. plus Manards had a 11% rebate and sale on these bigger snow thowers I bought this Poulan PR8P27E after getting out of the opened box ound parts mising Manards said to call Poulan and they would send. then after few hours using moter stated looping and lose of power amd wheel controls were sticking and not releasing, then after stoping unit to regas up and have a hot coco break then restarting unit would not move after running several min's and working left&right wheel controls it would move. then at end of day befor putting away for the night and cleaning snow of noticed a yellowish green phoresent color on ground at back of unit by left wheel thought in may have been some residew dripping of since was brand new put away in warm area to dry of and recoat auger housing with a pray to reduse snow build up got unit out to finsh cleaning snow up wheels worked better after drying out but then after sitting to take break and refuel saw that more fluid was by theft side wheel yellowish-greenish after talking to poulan coustomer support it looks like trans axel is leaking . this is not a cheap unit and to bee this bad and problems them after you put gas in unit manard will not even exchange unit till it goes to service shop looks like I may have a night mare dealing with all this and how much time invalved ??? at this point I give it a very low rating but i did find out this unit was made in late 2012 I bought it Jan 4th 2014this review is Jan 7th 2014 I do like size of this snow thrower and the controls I do suspect the wheels got smow and water and something froze up making wheels stick but with this being for snow removel it should work in it and being 1-one day old I could see it after a couple years old plus manual does not give any spots to lubricate just engine oil I will repost to let people know of this out come I hope it does not snow any more for several day we still have level-3 snow emergency fun fun January 7, 2014
Its okay This snow blower is good, but has a few drawbacks, pieces will not stay on, I have had to go and buy more screws and bolts. Also, the hand brake does not always work, and if it does it will get jammed up. It has good throwing power, and starts nice with the electric strart, but you may want an extension cord to go with it, due to it being short. December 17, 2013
Adequate most of the time I work on a US base in northern Japan. I purchased it in the military exchange. We get a LOT of snow. I have used this machine one whole season and had no problems with maintenance. It does the job for most snowfalls, although with heavy snow, it is slow-going. It will sometimes stall in very hard or ice-mixed snow. During use, three times I had a stone jam in the impeller causing the machine to stop/stall. I had to use a chisel and hammer to remove the stone each time but no damage except scrapes all around the inside of the impeller housing. Did not have to change any shear bolts. I had a bent auger blade but was able to straighten it. While adequate most of the time, I wish the store had a bigger, more powerful machine. As it was, I bought the largest one they had in stock. A minor performance issue is that the speed control to the right on the control panel, seems to be really one speed-high- as no matter where I place the lever, it jerks forward as I engage. Some control can be gained by only partly engaging the clutch. I do not recommend this machine for a small person. On purchase, some assembly was required. The instructions could have been more clear about installing which spring where and what ends-had some trial and error time there-machine started up first time. Engine oil was proper level. I just finished ordering replacement parts for next season, including impeller and traction belts. Part numbers in the manual do not match the numbers of the belts on the retail site. Ie: traction belt is PP40001 on the retail site but in the manual it is 532 41 97-44. I hope the retail site was correct saying the belts are for my machine. March 13, 2013
Pretty good, could use more power, tougher welding. I've generally been happy with my snow blower. For loose snow it is awesome. The engine has trouble with heavy, wet snow and densely packed powder. I learned to set it in low gear and creep forward a few inches at a time, but I wish I could've afforded a bit more power. This last storm (Nemo?), I was about 2/3 done when the drive system went out. The blower parts still worked, but I couldn't get it to move forward except by pushing really hard. Upon examining the drive assembly, I found out that the small sprocket on part #34, the "Sprocket Weldment" had broken free of its weld and was turning freely around the shaft. The part wasn't too hard to remove, although I'm having trouble ordering a replacement. I am concerned, though, that there seemed to be only a single weld on ONE side of the sprocket. In my mind, this doubled the chances of the part breaking. There should have been two welds. February 11, 2013
Snow Thrower PR8527ES My unit has less than 2 hours on it; the cost through the Base Exchange was $999.00. The unit will not throw snow, the belts were inspected, they are in new condition, and correctly installed, but the auger will not rotate. There is no belt adjustment according to the Owner’s manual so the belt could not be adjusted if it were loose and slipping. Within the first hour of use, one of the auger bolts sheared off and had to be replaced. I am very disappointed because I have spent so much money and now I need to spend more to have repaired, and it has less than two hours use. December 28, 2012
Workhorse My Poulan Pro is a snow-throwing workhorse Primes and starts up quickly every-time Low maintenance - Sear/Shear bolts easy to purchase and replace Colorado 35' north side driveway plus sidewalks no problem Snow throw is about 10" through 15" differing with snow pack types - good controls to aim snow Enough horse power left over to clear the neighbors walks without overheating Cons: Noise - gets a louder with more use Heavy to move if you run out of gas :) May 23, 2012
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