Poulan Pro PP133

This straight shaft trimmer is well-suited for more demanding landowner lawn maintenance and is powered by a reliable SureFire 33cc 2-cycle gas engine. With a spring assisted start system and 17" maximum cutting width, this model is easy to use, efficient, and cost effective. Split boom shaft with Pro-Link attachment system transforms your trimmer into a multi-functional yard machine. Additional attachments including a blower, brushcutter, cultivator, pole pruner, and edger are sold separately.

Cylinder displacement: 
33 cc
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PP025 PP033


Engine specification

Cylinder displacement 33 cc


Part NumberDescription
952711962PP133 Gas Trimmer


Poulan Pro PP133 2.6 5 31 31
Junk that works I've had my poulan pro pp133 since May of 2011. I found the receipt just a few days ago when I was looking to upgrade and needed reasons to address to my wife on why I should. I've lived down in south Texas with the PP133 and used it year round on a half acre lot. Sometimes more when I'd use it at a buddies home with a few acres. So I feel I can give a fair review. I have read many reviews with people complaining about this pp133 but never really addressed the real problem. The pp133 is under $150 and for that price I believe the pp133 is a average deal. I started wanting a new trimmer when I pulled out the pp133 and needed to use it. The darn thing wouldn't start. I went and bought fresh fuel and oil. Still no luck. I went to the store to look at new ones and saw a can of premixed fuel. The can was using 92 octane with 0 ethanol. I purchased a can and went straight home. Cleared out all remains of the old fuel and poured the premixed can of fuel in. With one pull the pp133 started like knew. I now only use 92 octane with 0 ethanol and quality 2 cycle oil. The pp133 starts like a champ every time. Now, even though the pp133 starts well and still runs. I was already in the mood to buy a new trimmer and ended up buying the Husqvarna 223L. It is half the weight, sounds like half the noise and is by far smoother in everyway. To further help my wife understand the new purchase I asked her to handle to the two trimmers. First the pp133 and although it started it vibrated like... well you know, it was loud enough she couldn't hear my sales pitch and then like always it bogged once the trigger was at full throttle. She then grabbed the Husqvarna and first thing she noticed was the weight. Then the smoothness of the trimmer. She should still hear my sales pitch on why I needed a new trimmer. So, all in all I believe the PP133 is an average trimmer for the price. With care this trimmer will last you many years. March 18, 2014
bad product I have had this unit for 2 1/2 years and it is on its third carb and has had the pull start rebuild twice. I have a Poulan chainsaw that is 15 years old and never failed to start. Very disappointed in this string trimmer. Also, not having a bump line feed is a drag. I have about 2 acres to trim and I have to stop about 4-6 times to insert new string...... August 2, 2013
Outstanding Trimmer I'm definitely happy with this product. Assembly was simple, it's very well-built and has plenty of power. Starting is a bit tricky, but that's to be expected with small cc 2-strokes. Aside from that, this is a fantastic trimmer. July 9, 2013
poulan pro pp133 worked ok the first year, but this spring I tried to crank it up but nothing worked July 7, 2013
This product stopped working using it about 6 times The first Poulan trimmer I purchased didn't work right out of the box. I exchange it and the second trimmer only worked about 6 times and quit. June 12, 2013
Not a reliable product1 I purchased the SM30SB at Sam's in June of 2011. Do not like the spring assisted starting. I had it in the first time for a gas problem. Was told the tank had to be returned to the manfmacture for repair and return so I was without the unit for three weeks during the summer. This year when I started to use it I had the same problem. Took it to another auth. repair shop and was advised it was the same gas line problem and Poulan would not cover under warranty so it cost me $37. It ran for 20 mins after I got it home and now am told there is a carb problem and I will be without the unit for another few weeks. Was also told that the ethonol in gas was what was eating up the fuel lines and I should use fuel with no ethonol This fact is not in the manual and when I called the Poulan customer service I was basically told "tough luck" Not at all satisified with the product or Poulan standing behind their warranty. BAD NEWS! May 13, 2013
Poor Weed Guard Design The weed guard on the PP133 is poor, to say the least. There is next to no protection to the operator of "weed splatter" from the trimmer head. Not onlly are my pants and shirt covered with weeds, but also my face and glasses. Need to wear a full face shiield to keep from getting hit with weeds. I have to carry a change of clothes after each us. Would like to know if there is a better covering shield available for this model. Not only would I not recommend this product, but I'm ready to get rid of my after using twice. May 9, 2013
great hard working weed eater i bought this unit at walmart last year to replace junk troy built and it has been a great unit never quit working March 5, 2013
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