Poulan PRO PP325

This straight shaft trimmer/brushcutter combination is powered by a reliable SuperFire 25cc 2-cycle gas engine and utilizes a spring assisted start system for user convenience. Designed for more landowner or commercial applications, the PP325 clears away thick brush and tall grass too demanding for a normal trimmer. Equipped with both a 17" trim head and 8" brush cutter blade accessories. Split boom shaft with Pro-Link attachment system transforms your trimmer into a multi-functional yard machine. Additional attachments including a blower, brushcutter, cultivator, pole pruner, and edger are sold separately.

Cylinder displacement: 
25 cc
Number of strokes: 
2-stroke engine
SureFire with EPS
Cutting Head: 
4 Sided Steel Blade with added trimmer head
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Engine specification

Cylinder displacement 25 cc
Number of strokes 2-stroke engine
Starter SureFire with EPS


Cutting Head 4 Sided Steel Blade with added trimmer head
Attachment Capable Pro-Link
Type of shaft Straight

Overall dimensions

Cutting width 8 inch


Homeowner Warranty 2 Year Limited Warranty
Part NumberDescription
95271188025cc, 2-stroke, straight shaft, steel blade with added trimmer head
Poulan Pro PP325 3 5 15 15
GREAT Machine I have been using this Poulan Pro PP325 for about 8 years. I am now starting to replace parts, but believe me, I expected it. I have a 5 acre Agricultural Forest with lots of areas that need the attention of a string trimmer. This trimmer has never failed to start and until just recently I have not had to spend any extra maintenance money on it. I replaced the spark plug a few years ago, but that was it until this year. I have now replaced the gas tank and have ordered a new carburetor for it. I was going to just get a carburetor kit, but the price was about the same and way less headache to replace the whole carburetor than to have to mess with those tiny parts in the kit. I have two different booms with 5 different heads and I use it way more than it was intended to be used. I am pleasantly surprised as how well it has worked and how long it has lasted. Three years ago my grandson wanted to learn how to do yard work with me so I bought a new trimmer for him to use. Could not find a PP325, so I got a PP335. So far it has proved to be almost as reliable as the PP325. Although I am having to buy some replacement parts already for it. The carburetor boot split from end to end and I am waiting for the part. After reading all the other reviews it appears the worst problem others are having is relying on a service shop to do the job. That never works. If you are going to have mechanical equipment of any kind you need to be able to work on it yourself. Relying on others is like finding chickens' teeth. August 22, 2014
Spend the extra $200 and get a Stihl! I've only used mine like 10 times and the recoil broke. Of course Poulan Pro parts are on back order so now it's sat at a warranty shop near by for nearly 2 months. It's never been easy to start, didn't start at all for the longest time! When it does start and run it usually does pretty good except for the occasional sputter and putter. I have a line trimmer, a brush cutter, and my favorite a sidewalk edger, all these attachments seem to work fine and are easy to install. That doesn't matter though if the head isn't working as it should! I wish I would've just spent the extra $200 and got a Stihl! June 8, 2014
bad experience I started to use my trimmer for only the second time. the pull rope came out but didn't recoil. Cant find receipt so no refund. May 8, 2014
tears up quickly Bought my pp at lowes. Came with a pole saw. It leaks bar oil but it worked. Bought the brush cutter, and it would not cut. Bought the blower and thought that it was good then the thing quit working. Was always hard to restart. Now after 2 years, and hundreds of dollars I have nothing to work with at all. December 8, 2013
PP 325 I bought this unit from wal-mart early july, used it about 4 times, went to start it,and the recoil assembly broke. I went to wal mart and they told me that I was out of luck (30 days had passed). I went to the certified repair shop,paid the price of repairs (it took 5 or 6 weeks). I took it home last Thursday 9/ 26/13,and cleared a few weeds. Today, 9/30/13, I went to start it ,and GUESS WHAT, the recoil broke again. It is now on the side of the road waiting for the trash people to haul it off. September 30, 2013
Can the trimmer head be converted to "Line Feed"? Just purchased this unit and so far so good. However, was not aware that the trimmer line was not a "Line Feed" one. Is there anyway this unit can be converted to a Line Feed trimmer line head? August 25, 2013
good - but the pp325 showed on the box that it came with a brush cutter attachment-- but it does not. I have not taken the time to attach the brush blade yet. tried once and thought I was gonna break it. the cord and switch 4 the on/off is out of the shell I have broken and fixed it 3 times and it has broken again. it would not run very well or start very easy - it would backfire and quit . I had the carburetor tuned and it runs great. I like it .... it is a great trimmer August 2, 2013
Poor Performance, Poor Customer Service The third time I tried to start this machine the pull cord came out of the casing. When I called Customer Service to get an authorized Service Center, I was told to just ship it back and they would give me credit or fix it. I was told it take 3 to 4 weeks for this process. This was not acceptable since my grass would not stop growing for that length of time. I took my lumps, threw it in the trash and bought a different brand. End of the line as a Poulan Customer. July 10, 2013
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