Buying Guide: Lawn Mowers

Learn about what to look for when choosing a walk-behind lawn mower.

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You know you need to get your grass cut but there are some things you should take into account before you pick your equipment. The size of your lawn is one of the largest factors to take into account. A large lawn would dictate more time needed to cut the grass. What is your environment like? It is important to decide weather or not noise or air pollution is a concern to you or your neighbors. Children in a neighborhood should be a concern as it is never safe to mow around kids.

Features such as 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 bagging mulching and discharge systems should be considered. Mulching your grass puts the clippings back in the soil as tiny pieces. Not only does this offer a free fertilizer, but it is easier and quicker than bagging. However using a bagging system is often a good option when your grass gets too long, or you don’t want any clippings left on your lawn. Having the option after you purchase is practical and convenient.

If your yard is large or hilly, a self propelled mower may be for you. Choose a self propelled that is right for your lawn by picking the proper horse power, deck size, and features such as speed control. Although push mowers have become increasingly easy to operate, a large or sloped yard could require an excessive workout. Push mowers have fewer parts to break down, are easier to use, and less expensive which make good solutions for fairly level and small lawns. If your yard is an acre or bigger, it is time for you to start considering a ride on lawn mower or garden tractor.

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