Buying Guide: Riding Mowers

Learn about what to look for when choosing a riding mower.

PP175G42, PP155G42

Lawn and Garden tractors come with a wide array of features and specifications. Before you buy, you need to decide all of the features you may want to do with it besides cut grass such as accept attachments like power tillers or post-hole diggers making it more functional. Features such as cup holders, seat size, and transmission controls are little things that may make a large difference in the enjoyment of cutting the lawn. 

The engine is the power behind every tractor. Engines on lawn and garden tractors can run up to 26 Horse Power; the larger the engine, the more power behind the tractor. A front cast iron axle is another feature to look for when selecting for strength and durability. Stamped steel axels work but are vulnerable to rust in the future. Wheel size and mower-deck size are two other big factors that should play into your decision. A larger deck will cut your grass faster while larger wheels with give you more range of use. Make sure the tractor you are selecting is equipped with all of the current safety needs. A seat shutoff switch and ROS system are two common things to look for.

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