Part number: 967701201
Powered by a 58-volt, 2.6Ah, lithium-ion rechargeable battery, the all-new Poulan Pro handheld leaf blower provides the power, performance, and runtime typical of traditional gas-powered equipment — without the hassle of mixing and storing fuel or harmful emissions. Fade-free power with 130 MPH air speed and 675 CFM airflow, it's powerful, quiet, and ergonomically designed for superior comfort and control. With a built-in digital power meter, it's easy to monitor power usage, and the handle-mounted, easy-to-view battery power indicator guarantees you'll never run out of power mid-task. With other impressive features like instant push-button starting with no pull cord, variable speed control, digital cruise control, integrated power boost technology, and a comfortable, soft-grip handle, it's powerful, efficient, lightweight, and ideal for year-round clean-up of grass, leaves, and other stubborn debris.
Product highlights:



Blowing Power

Best-in-class blowing power with high-velocity air speeds up to 130 MPH and airflow up to 675 CFM to quickly and easily clear grass, leaves, and stubborn debris.


Power Meter

Handle-mounted, easy-to-view battery power level indicator to alert when it's time to recharge — no more running out of power mid-task.


Variable Trigger

Trigger-operated variable speed control provides precise blowing power adjustments for optimal performance with various lawn conditions and/or task.


Brushless Motor

Brushless motor provides increased power, performance, and efficiency; longer battery runtime; exceptional engine durability and life; and higher power-to-weight ratio.



Air speed
130 mph
Air flow in pipe
675 cfm


Homeowner Warranty
5 Year Tool / 3 Year Battery & Charger